Charts Customization / Creating Maps in Flourish

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Chart customization involves formatting your chart to have the appropriate colours, font sizes, header titles and subtitles, footer logo and statements, grid of designs, etc.

Watch the demonstration below on how to format customize your charts.

Creating maps

Creating maps is similar to that of charts, the same steps but with the following differences:

  • in the case of maps, you select a map template that suits the geographical location you’re mapping with your data. Note that Flourish doesn’t have map templates for all countries in the world. 
  • the data section for maps has two divisions, one for points and the other for regions. It’s not compulsory you provide data for both sections. You can provide for points only or region only and deactivate the other section. Take a look at the image below to distinguish points from regions

Let’s now create a map visualisation. Take a look at the data below. You can copy the data from the spreadsheet here

What do you think we can do with this data? What about showing the regions with high and low number of health workers using region colours? Let’s practise this in the next topic/page. 

Creating maps – Exercise 1

Here’s our dataset and our goal is to color the regions/countries in Africa per the total number of health workers. Regions with higher numbers will have higher colour contrasts while on hovering on any of the regions, you get a display of the health workers’ data. 

Watch the demonstration below