Flourish Stories

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What is a Flourish Story

A Flourish story is a way of presenting a number of visualisations or parts of visualisation like a carousel or slides format, in order to narrate an event, a sequence, or for storytelling. Flourish stories look like a slideshow/carousel. 

Just as visualisations can be created, edited, published and embedded, Flourish stories can be created, edited, published and embedded into your stories. Take a look at a Flourish Story below. Click on the arrow buttons to navigate the slides and watch how it tells a story.

Creating a Flourish Story – Exercise 1

Follow the demonstration shown below as we create our first Flourish story.  Watch as you learn to create a Flourish story.

Publishing your Flourish Story

To publish your Flourish Story, follow the same steps you did for publishing a normal visualisation. To embed a Flourish Story to your publication, use the embed code. Notice that you cannot download Flourish story as an image. Click on Export & Publish. Thereafter, click on Publish from the pop-up.

Congratulations on successfully producing your flourish story, use the link or embed code of your flourish story to redistribute, kindly note that images are not suitable for sharing a flourish story due to it’s interactivity.