Publishing and Embedding Visualization

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Publishing your visualization

It’s not enough to design visualization and keep it in your archive. It’s necessary it’s published and accessible to the intended audience. This is usually done by adding it to a story. 

To publish your visualization is to make it available online, so anyone can view; while to embed it is to add it to your story. By publish here, we mean to make it accessible outside the Flourish platform, not to add it to your story.  So, it’s one thing to publish a visualization on the Flourish platform, it’s another thing to publish(embed) it on your story. If you do not “publish” it on the Flourish platform, you cannot download it as an image, neither can you embed it in your story. 

Flourish allows you to publish your visualisation and download it either as an image, an HTML file or as an embed code. 

Follow the following steps to publish your visualization:

1. When you’re done with the design of your chart/map, click on Export & Publish. Thereafter, click on publish to share and embed as shown below.

2. A pop-up will appear, Click on Publish as shown below

3. Your visualisation has now been published on Flourish platform. You can now share it with friends, share on social media or even embed it to your story. You can either download it as an image or pick the embed code to publish on your story. You also have access to a link to preview the visualisation. Use the link to share with friends or embed to your story. Study the image below: 

How to embed your visualization to your story

To embed your visualization into your story, download the visualization either as an image or an embed code.

  • An image: A visualisation embedded as an image is static and does not have interactivity. See an example of a static visualisation here. It’s just a simple image. This is recommended only for print media. To publish your visualisation as an image is simple. Just add it to the location of your story, just as you add normal images
  • As embed code: A visualisation published via embed code carries the interactivity alongside with the design. This is recommended for online publications. Also, anytime the visualisation is updated and republished, it automatically updates the story. This is why visualisation published as embed code are said to be dynamic and interactive. See an example of an interactive visualisation here, just what you have learnt in Fourish, in the previous lesson. To publish your visualisation as an embed code, copy and paste the embed code to the location in your story where you want it to appear. 

WordPress and Medium are two popular platforms used for publishing stories. let’s take a look at how to publish your visualisations using embed code, on both platforms. 

  • To publish on WordPress, click on this link to see a demonstration
  • To publish on Medium, click on this link to see a demonstration

If you neither use WordPress nor Medium for your publications, follow the guide for WordPress, it will help irrespective of the platform you use.