Understanding The Flourish Studio

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What is Flourish

Flourish is a web-based application for designing visualisations. It’s a powerful storytelling tool, for creating powerful and interactive visualisations. Flourish website URL is and the current home page interface dated January 2021 is found below. 

Why use Flourish?

Flourish has lots of advantages over other visualisation tools. Below are some of the advantages:

  • Pop-ups and interactivity – Flourish visualisations are highly interactive, show data upfront, with different customisation options. 
  • Ability to change HTML to achieve bold coloured data – High level of customisation in Flourish gives you the ability to change the font look of your design
  • Embed for responsiveness: Flourish, like many other visualization software, gives you the ability to download your visualization as embed code, so it’s responsive (mobile friendly) on any website it is published. 
  • Create Flourish Stories from the data visualisations: There is a special feature in Flourish called “Flourish story”, it’s a carousel kind of visualisation, good for storytelling. It’s a great unique feature in Flourish
  • All templates and features are free: Flourish is entirely free, only that your visualisation will be public if you’re using a free account. That means your data and visualisation could be searchable on search engines or on the Flourish platform. But to make your data private or ask for special support, you subscribe to a package. This liberty to use the platform for free is another huge benefit for using Flourish, for freelancers. 
  • Flourish Newsroom Version: With the partnership with Google News Lab, Flourish gives a special account to newsrooms who apply for the “Flourish Newsroom” version, which has all premium features, for free! Flourish gives this special priority to all newsrooms across the world. To apply for the Newsroom version, click
  • Varying powerful and highly customisable templates: Flourish has several powerful templates for different categories of data and these templates are highly customizable.


Please note that Flourish continuously updates its platform and a lot of controls get added, removed, or changed in their interface. This is normal for any website or online platform. Hence, if the proceeding topics and lessons have a screenshot that is not inconsonant with the current design, do know that it must be due to an update from Flourish. Although, the current design has been consistent for a while now, and our screenshots were taken in January 2021. 

Signing up to Flourish

To Sign up to Flourish is simple. All you need is an active email. Click on the signup as shown below to sign up, and click on login as shown to log in to Flourish.

Flourish for Newsrooms

In partnership with Google News Lab, Flourish  provides qualifying newsrooms with a special version of Flourish that includes:

  • Private data
  • Team tools 
  • Branded content (e.g. content published with a sponsor’s logo)
  • internal business uses (such as analytics)
  • Access to premium templates

If you’re a newsroom, follow this link to apply for the special version for newsrooms

Flourish user landing page

The user landing page is the first page your visit when you log in. It looks like this: