Digital Security

This course teaches you how to secure your digital footprint in the online and mobile world.

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Journalists face increasing challenges in securing communications and protecting their digital assets. Surveillance and malicious cyber attacks have become ubiquitous, which pose serious risks to journalists, newsrooms and whistleblowers.

The threat of cyber espionage is also significant and, as attacks become more advanced, we need tools to counter these to maintain security and privacy. Some of this includes remaining anonymous online or sharing sensitive data with colleagues and sources. It is vital for journalists to be aware of – and have measures in place – to avoid their online activities monitored by government agencies, internet service providers or hostile hackers.

Digital Security is all about the protection of your digital identity – the network or Internet equivalent of your physical identity.

This lesson provides tips and lessons on how to stay safe online, but also circumvent censorship if necessary. Each section has a theoretical aspect and guides on how to implement the recommended tools.