Fact checking principles and commonly used techniques

Topic Progress:

· Spotting or identifying fake information from social media and other online platforms (post, article, photo or video).

· Identifying the primary claim to fact check in a potentially false article or post. This is applicable to text, photos, and videos as well.

· Identify the source of the claim – who is the publisher? What is their agenda? It could be an individual, blogger, online news digital platforms or an organization, etc.

· Where do I get factual/reliable information to counter the claim? It could be from individuals through crowdsourcing, expert opinion, organizations, or from reliable information databases.

· Is the claim significant to the populace? If so, what makes it significant? Claims to be checked include posts that have the potential to cause harm and are misleading, they should be timely and trending, and finally, the veracity of the claims should be important to the