How to use Check for fact-checking

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This course will show you how to use all the features of Check, an online workspace built by Meedan that lets users verify online photos and text, build datasets and structure open-source investigations.

This award-winning tool connects WhatsApp users to journalists, supports multi-newsroom fact-checking during breaking news, and crowdsourcing of investigative evidence. Check helps journalists, civil society organizations, researchers and human rights investigators on cutting-edge of information gathering and verification.

Check is free for all teams of up to 10 members. For teams of over 10 members, Check is offered for free to non-profit organizations, community organizations and others working for the public interest in global contexts. If you are working in the fields of journalism, content annotation, fact checking, media research, human rights, civil society or other work related to media freedom, collaborative data gathering, or holding power to account, you can apply to use Check and Meedan’s entire suite of tools for free.

Check is also available for large newsrooms and commercial partners with teams over 10 members. Contact the Check team for more information about a custom plan based on your needs.