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    Cathy Smith

    I am a writer and I have successfully written and published two novels on my own which was based on the fantasy genre. I was hoping to start writing another book, which I was intending to build on the mixture of two genres. I want the book to have flavors of both mythology and fantasy. As I have already a good experience of fantasy novel writing, I am in need of guidance of mythology writing. I mean I have some idea but not on the professional grounds. I want some helpful tips to include a significant portion of mythology in the story. I have a plot in my mind which is based on fantasy for now, and I want to add some mythological part in the storyline. It will be a big help if anyone could provide me some helpful mythology book writing tips.

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    mythology has become a source of interest and ongoing study for scholars, philosophers, artists, and even psychologists. Freud was fascinated by the tale of Oedipus Rex for example and generated an influential (and controversial) theory using Oedipus. Many of the myths can still resonate with contemporary audiences, and this power indicates just how “Greek” the Western world remains. For example, the myth of Prometheus is highly relevant on several levels. Prometheus brought fire to man, and for that, the gods punished him in a quite horrific way. mobile app development company in texas

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