GEC – Anglophone West Africa | Fact-Checking – OSINT Program | AFCA

Code for Africa’s Academy is assisting Journalists, tech savvy citizen and development enthusiast expand their Data and Investigative journalism skills. At the end of the training, participants are expected to perform fact-checks/investigative research, use available open source tools to investigate information and use the data to tell stories.

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Resources for participants

Session 1

Slide: Introduction to Fact-Checking


Session 2

Slide: What is fact-checkable?


Session 3

Slide: The 5-stage Fact-Checking process


Session 4

Slide: Finding Mis/disinfo: how to setup monitoring/listening systems for eligible claims


Session 5

Slide: How to write a fact check


Session 6

Slide: Fact-checking visual claims( Photos)

Quiz :

Session 7

Slide: Fact-checking visual claims: Videos


Session 8

Slide: Staying Safe: guidelines for keeping yourself safe from harassment and threat


Session 9

Slide: Fact-checking visual claims: audio & websites


Session 10

Slide: Fact-checking visual claims: deep fakes, graphs and charts