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  • anniemcalone93 posted an update 1 month ago

    Bohemian Style Jewelry Collection at Wholesale Price.
    Get ready to grab the best style and deal on alluring Bohemian Style Jewelry at Gemexi. These designs are crafted by experts who create the best design and they are talented in their work. Bohemian-style jewelry stuns you with its beauty. It is the best addition to your jewelry box. For further…[Read more]

  • anniemcalone93 posted an update 1 month ago

    Significance of Tree of Life Jewelry
    Most people think that the tree of life jewelry is a new fashion jewelry trend or accessory that defines various meanings. The tree of jewelry has become an important part of fashion jewelry. At Gemexi you can choose different of type jewelry like the tree of life pendants, tree of life rings, tree of life…[Read more]

  • anniemcalone93 posted an update 1 month ago

    Best 5 Gift Ideas For Your Mom To Make Mother’s Day More Memorable
    A relationship between child and mother is never replaceable. From giving birth to teaching alphabets, a mother does it all. So this Mother’s Day, gift a precious gift to your mother to make her feel pampered and special. You can gift them a piece of jewelry that will go to the…[Read more]

  • anniemcalone93 posted an update 1 month ago

    Get Aquamarine Jewelry Collection at wholesale price.
    Aquamarine is a precious gemstone and it belongs to a beryl family. They have different color hues from blue to green-blue. If you are born in March, aquamarine is an official birthstone. The Aquamarine gemstones are hard and they have excellent transparency. At Gemexi, you will find the best…[Read more]

  • anniemcalone93 posted an update 1 month ago

    A beautiful Emerald Jewelry at wholesale price.
    Emeralds are the birthstone of May. Emeralds have a beautiful green color. The endless beauty of emerald jewelry is everyone’s favorite. Emerald jewelry is a unique addition to your style. Emerald jewelry has longed for its captivating charm for ages. The fresh green color also symbolized the color…[Read more]

  • anniemcalone93 posted an update 1 month ago

    Grab the best deal on Fluorite Jewelry in Gemexi.
    Fluorite is an enchanting gemstone. Fluorite finds in a wide range of hues including white, blue, black, orange, red, brown, purple, green, and many more. But the most famous color of this gemstone is purple. You can carry this stone in the form of a Ring, Pendant, or earrings. The striped and…[Read more]

  • anniemcalone93 posted an update 1 month ago

    Mojave Turquoise Jewelry at Wholesale Price
    From minimalist Mojave Turquoise Earring to surreally designed Mojave Turquoise necklaces – at our store, we host a wide range of uniquely designed Mojave jewelry! The stunning Mojave Turquoise is found in a wide range of hues like purple, blue, green, and orange. The most famous choices are purple…[Read more]

  • Malachite Loose Gemstone at an affordable price.
    Malachite is a green-colored gemstone believed to be a part of the monolithic crystal system. Malachite has a silky luster that gives it a patterned surface. You can quickly identify the malachite by its rich green hues. Malachite derives its name from the Greek word malakos which means soft. A…[Read more]

  • Stylish Cultural Jewelry for Native American Tribes: Brief History
    No matter what trend stays or goes, one trend is always there to stay in the fashion ! Yes! The wonderful trend of cultural jewelry! A beautiful Native American Jewelry is a piece of must-have jewelry in your jewelry box. Whether you wear ethnic or casual this jewelry will give an…[Read more]

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