UNDP-NCIC | Influence Operations (IO)

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Session 1: Platform Investigations: Facebook (intro)

Session 2: Platform Investigations: Facebook (advanced)

Session 3: IO Basics: media monitoring + watchlists + lexicons + queries

Session 4:Platform Investigations: Twitter (intro)

Session 5: Platform Investigations: Twitter (advanced)

Session 6: Dark Social Investigations: WhatsApp, Telegrams, Signal, etc (finding accounts & using sentinels)

Session 7: Platform Investigations: YouTube (intro + advanced)

Session 8: Platform Investigations: Tiktok (intro + advanced)

Session 9: IO Basics: Coordinated Inauthentic Behaviour

Session 10: IO Basics: visual investigations for image/video + deep fakes

Session 11: IO Basics: website verification/investigation

Session 12: Platform Training: Mediacloud